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About the company


The company was created in 1945 as METAL Mechanical Workshops specialising in refurbishment of passenger cars, heavy-loaded trucks and agricultural machinery. However, the company has quickly undergone transformation and since 1949 has been delivering equipment for the shipbuilding and chemical industry, thus creating an outline of the business profile pursued to this day.

In 1996, the company was privatised, which resulted in the transition to the management of Gdańska Stocznia Remontowa S.A. With time, the company became one of the 25 members of Remontowa Holding.

In 2014, FUO Rumia Sp. z o.o. was renamed to Remontowa LNG Systems Sp. z o.o. Even before the name change (in 2013), the production was extended to include complete LNG systems and tanks.

In 2017, Remontowa LNG Systems Sp. z o.o. implemented a research and development and pilot project (both projects co-financed from European Union funds). The projects are aimed at optimising LNG powered drives and increasing the availability of this fuel.

You can read more about projects here

Management Board


President of the Management Board

Piotr Dowżenko

Member of the Management Board

Anna Kotlewska

Why us?

Thanks to the expansion of production by LNG systems and tanks and thanks to the implemented research and development projects, we have become a company that is consciously and responsibly trying to influence the improvement of the natural environment quality. We are aware of the importance of reducing harmful emissions to the atmosphere these days, which is why we care so much about developing and promoting solutions that significantly reduce this emission.